Saturday, April 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So I am back home now but missing Paris. It was fun to see my cat Ocelot. She will not leave my side! So I have been reading your comments and I was very pleased to see that Cole and Danni knew what ocean I flew across...The Atlantic Ocean! Great job you guys! I also noticed that none of my friends knew that the Eiffel Tower was going to be torn down after it was built and what saved it. I know that my students know this, but I will tell you all just in case. No one in France liked the Eiffel Tower because they thought it was ugly, but the couldn't tear it down because it had an important radio antenna on top of it. So, now you know!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Au Revoir Paris

I have to leave soon and I am very sad about that. Audrey made me my favorite Indian food (Aloo Gobi) for dinner and we picked up a baguette from the boulangerie. Audrey, Guillaume (her boyfriend) and I ate, watched a movie, and now I am packing up. Au revoir (goodbye) Audrey and Guillaume and au revoir Paris. I will see all you students on Monday!!!

My song for you!

My feet hurt!

So today we walked all over Paris! We saw fountains, shops, churches, and the City Hall (called the Hotel de Ville in French!) Audrey and I had a lot of fun so here are some pictures to show you what we did!

Mona Ms. Baker and The Louvre

So today we went to a very famous museum in Paris, The Louvre. In the Louvre you can see paintings and other pieces of art from some very famous artists. One of the most famous is a painting called the Mona Lisa which was done by a man named Leonardo da Vinci. The cool thing about the painting is that it seems as though everywhere you walk in the room, the eyes of Mona Lisa follow you! Cool, huh. I got a postcard to show you the Mona Lisa when I get back, but until then you will just have to see the Mona Ms. Baker! Also, the big glass triangle sits on top of the museum so when we were inside, we had to go underneath it!!

Notre Dame