Saturday, April 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So I am back home now but missing Paris. It was fun to see my cat Ocelot. She will not leave my side! So I have been reading your comments and I was very pleased to see that Cole and Danni knew what ocean I flew across...The Atlantic Ocean! Great job you guys! I also noticed that none of my friends knew that the Eiffel Tower was going to be torn down after it was built and what saved it. I know that my students know this, but I will tell you all just in case. No one in France liked the Eiffel Tower because they thought it was ugly, but the couldn't tear it down because it had an important radio antenna on top of it. So, now you know!


keatoothaker said...

Hi Miss Baker,

I have read your words about your trip every day while I have been in Florida. I really liked all the pictures and the videos you put on there. I liked it when you and your sister sang. You are funny. I am home now too. I miss the beach already. I have a new kite that I flew on the beach. I will see you at school tomorrow!

scott said...

i learned something new today.

i hope that you enjoyed the trip to France. it wont be too long before we are meeting up in Mexico!