Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Le Poisson D' Avril

So today I went back to Chelles with my sister. This time I got to go to school with her and meet the kids. She gets to go into different classes to teach them English and today she taught the 2nd graders. Also, today in the United States is April Fool's Day where you get to trick someone. In France, they celebrate it a little differently and they call it Le Poisson d'Avril (April Fish Day!). They draw fish with a message on it and give it to people (sometimes they give it to someone in secret by sticking it to their back, but I don't think that sounds nice!) Anyway, one of Audrey's students (Elodie) gave her a fish today so here is a picture of that! Also, in the classes, the kids are not allowed to talk at all or they get in trouble. And, every time the principal comes into the room, the kids have to stand up! Should we try that when Mr. Buchman comes in one day!?


Annette said...

I want a fish! I must learn more about these! And roof gardens? How funny! Who knew? I hope you are having fun in Paris with Audrey. I love this blog so I can keep up with you while you are away from your phone. I can't wait for your trips to Mexico and Asheville - that means we get to play! Have a great fish day! Love, Mate

Daryl said...

Very cool Kristen. This is a great idea for your kids. We'll miss you tomorrow. Have a blast.

Brooke said...

Looks like so much fun! Audrey is a great tour guide. We miss you!!!